5 quick tips for being a world class Maintenance Manager

At the best of times, maintenance can be a headache... so we explore 5 quick tips that can help you manage maintenance requests like a pro.

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At the best of times, managing maintenance can be a headache. From start to finish, the scheduling of suppliers and constant back-and-forth communication with owners and tenants can make it difficult to keep track of job completion, especially when you have hundreds of properties that you are maintaining on the go. As soon as a tenant reports an issue, the race against time is on and there are typically multiple factors out of your control. It can feel like there is a seemingly endless stream and the pressure is building... quite literally.

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In the last few years, there has been a steady increase in the use of property maintenance software and this is no surprise when reading the latest findings from the RRD, that reveal maintenance as the most time-consuming task for property managers. We highlight 5 quick tips that can instantly help you boost efficiency and become a world class maintenance manager.

1) Track health and safety

This is often taken for granted but having a negligible attitude towards health and safety can leave suppliers injured and leave you liable to serious legal action. The repercussions can be devastating. It is vital that you have clear documentation of any potential risks and hazards at your properties and in doing so, will have done your part in protecting the well-being of your suppliers.

2) Know your suppliers

Property managers want issues to be resolved in the minimal amount of time possible, and in order to do so, it is imperative to have a network of suppliers who have a proven track record. Have you worked with them before? Are they well respected in the trade? And perhaps most poignantly, are they good communicators? Miscommunication can become part and parcel with managing maintenance issues and havinga reliable network of suppliers dramatically reduces tjhe likelihood of this occurring

3) Check quality with your tenants

Did you know that 36% of tenants explicitly state maintenance as the primary reason for leaving their tenancy agreements and conversely 46% of tenants state maintenance as a primary reason for renewing their lease. 

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When a tenant reports an issue it is important to act fast and action the maintenance request as soon as possible. Ensuring your tenants are satisfied is paramount and having cooperative professional relationships with tenants is fundamental for any outstanding property management service. Your properties remain occupied, your owners remain happy and your reputation as a highly reputable property management company is intact. Win-win-win!

4) Keep your owner in the loop

Don't let a small issue turn into a big problem. Your owners may not need to know every minor detail about the intricacies of your maintenance problems but keeping them in the picture can go a long way in providing a better service and ultimately keeping their business.

5) Keep on top of invoices

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Simply put, no one likes having to chase up payments. It can appear highly unprofessional and can stifle the great relationships you have developed with your suppliers. Having an efficient invoicing system in place upholds your rapport with your network and ensures your company doesn't deter the best suppliers in the trade from working with you.

You may well be thinking all of this is common sense but it can take hours and hours out of your week to implement effectively. It is undeniable that property maintenance software can greatly optimise maintenance issues but to become a world class property maintenance manager, these 5 quick tips are essential.

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