May 11, 2021

Gutter cleaning is the most important task to complete this autumn.

Don’t put your owner’s properties at risk for costly roof leaks.

Changing weather and a move into the rainy season means it’s time to take maintenance action and organise a good gutter clean for the properties in your portfolio. Cleaning out gutters is a top maintenance task for prolonging the life of your owner’s roof and preventing damaging roof leaks. 

What’s involved, and what’s the risk? 

To clean a gutter, remove all debris (think leaves, dirt, and other build-ups) so water can flow efficiently to downpipes and drain away from the property. Clogged gutters lead to improper drainage and water pooling on the roof or the ground around the foundation. Not only do pools of water make the roof more exposed to leaks, but they also invite the growth of moss, lichen, and mould. In cold climates, water pooled on the roof can even freeze and make dangerous ice dams that can slide over the eaves. In hot climates, dry leaves in gutters are a fire risk and can act as ignition or extra fuel for flames. 

If you have a keen owner, gutter cleaning can be an easy DIY task. Simply use a ladder to access the gutters and gloved hands or a broom to scrape out all debris. If DIY isn’t your owner’s thing, bring in a professional. 

Even gutters that look great can hide costly problems

Professional gutter cleaning methods

If you do bring in a handyperson or professional roofing company to take care of the gutter cleaning, you can expect to pay $200 - $400 for the service. The price range depends on the size of the property and the type of method they use. 

Method #1: Manual Cleaning 

Manual cleaning is no different from the DIY option your owner could complete. The professional will use a ladder to access the gutters and use either their hands or a broom to clear out leaves and build-up. This method is usually the most cost-effective option; however, it could still add up if the property requires extra scaffolding for safe roof access. 

Method #2: Power Spraying 

Power spraying is a quick way to clear gutters and get every inch of dirt. Most professional companies that offer power spraying use telescopic attachments and curved tools so the work can be done safely, with both feet on the ground. Power spraying tools and attachments can also be found at the local hardware store if your owner wants to complete the work themselves and make the investment. 

Method #3: Vacuum Suction 

The newest technology in gutter cleaning is vacuum suction. Professionals use wet and dry vacuums to suck up leaves and dirt from the gutters. Like power spraying, they use special telescopic and curved attachments and complete the work from the ground. Some of the extensions are even fitted out with small cameras to see if all debris has been removed. This is also ideal for before and after photos. Suction is the tidiest way to clean gutters because everything is contained in the vacuum and hauled away. 

Save money and be proactive with gutter guards. 

Gutter guards are a great way to prevent clogging between routine cleans. They’re made out of a wire brush-like material and fill the entire interior of the gutter. Because of the material, water still flows even if leaves or debris pile on top. Suggesting that your owner install gutter guards can help save money on future maintenance and safeguard against roof leaks. DIY install will cost around $150, depending on the length of your gutters. Some professional gutter cleaning services will install them after a routine clean for an additional $300 - $600.

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