January 11, 2021

Aiming high in 2021


You made it!

Welcome 2021, for all our sakes I hope it brings us a better lot than 2020 did!

We know that you, our Property Management Partners, have been through an enormously difficult year. Our hope is that this finds you, your families, and businesses safe and well, and ready to enjoy the fruits of your hard work from 2020.

At Tapi, we have been doubling down on our efforts in the background to improve our ability to help you deliver results to your tenants and landlords with all things maintenance. We have some exciting things to update you on and bring to you in the coming weeks; but first, we wanted to take a moment to stop, reflect, and begin 2021 with a new sense of purpose.

What We've Learned

The lessons of 2020 are that our global community can be shrunk quickly, and the reality set in that as countries, states, cities, and communities, we have the power to look inward and achieve great results together. Technology will play a part in this, but it is humanity at its core that is truly responsible. People supporting people, compassion, empathy, and humility have seen the best businesses be in a prime position for growth in 2021. 

These lessons are at the heart of what we have built here at Tapi HQ since our beginning, but have re-invigorated our efforts for making a meaningful impact on you, your tenants, your landlords, and tradespeople with minimal fuss, quickly.

Plans for 2021

Our goals have not changed; our purpose remains to improve the experience of maintenance for our clients and your clients alike. We do this is to allow your business to reduce its churn and bring on more new clients, because a growing business is a sustainable business. We are ready to help you do it in 2021!

We have brought in new talent and more industry knowledge in the form of our “Property Manager in Residence”. We have expanded our Customer Success team, and created even more resources to make sure that we can support you to leverage your Maintenance Super Power to current and new customers this year. 

Our vision is clear, our purpose is set and the clock has started. Lookout 2021, it’s time to make things happen.


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