Stop losing time while invoicing.

Simplify your monthly invoice process with automated entry and one-click approval.

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Approve invoices with one-click.

Gain back time and reduce administrative overhead spent on your monthly invoice process. With invoice automation, Tapi takes care of the repetitive work so all you need to do is click to approve.

Direct from email

Suppliers send their invoices to our email, and we'll sync it to your dashboard.

Ready for your approval

Enable your accounts manager to pre-approve and allocate invoices to your agents' dashboard.

Personalised payment choices

Send for payment from your owner's trust account, forward invoices to your owner for direct payment, or set up tenant charges aligned with your trust account.

Synced with your trust accounting system

When the invoice is approved, we send the data straight into your existing trust account platform.

Hannah Gill,
Managing Director of Independent

Using Tapi, our customers can see what real-time updates are happening and have complete transparency in relation to maintenance. The benefits of our clients and our customers being happier means our bottom line has been improved.

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Harrison Vaughan,
Director of Tommy's Property Management

Tapi has redefined the way that we as property managers deal with maintenance. It has simplified the entire process from the tenant submitting the issue through to the supplier finishing the job, ensuring that no step is ever missed. I don’t know how any property management company could function without software like this.

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Brett Wheatland,
General Manager of Renting Adelaide

Tapi has been a revolution for our business. We were on the prowl for a seamless way of reporting, managing and closing off work orders for our customers and suddenly Tapi appeared and a solution unfolded. Both our clients and staff come first and Tapi ticks both these boxes with such a user friendly experience. Tapi makes reporting and managing the maintenance process a real pleasure.

Dan Granger,
Rentals Manager of Unique Realty

Tapi is the essential maintenance software for your portfolio. After a quick and easy implementation and brief training for our team due to its simplicity, our property managers efficiency on maintenance and accounts processing increased by 250%.

Natalie Wendell,
General Manager of Wendell Property

Tapi saves us time and money, makes our Property Managers happier and impresses our owners with improved reporting functions. As a business owner, it’s a no brainer and well worth the investment!

Integrate with your existing trust accounting system.

You can get started with Tapi in no time. All the data from your existing trust accounting system is kept up-to-date.


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