Switching to Tapi took Oxygen’s client service to new level

Find out how the largest property management company in the lower North Island integrated Tapi and discovered the power of an “easy-to-use, more intuitive” system.

A team of born-and-bred locals that goes above and beyond

Many things have contributed to Oxygen becoming the largest property management company in Wellington and Hawke’s Bay. But as Regional Manager Lynley Horne puts it, the unrelenting focus on people has ensured its growth over the years.

With four offices across the Lower North Island and a team of 60 highly-motivated property professionals, there’s no denying the company has found a winning formula.

Lynley joined the Oxygen team almost ten years ago. Previously, she’d worked in contracts and facilities management, which put her in good stead to manage a property portfolio of 200+. From there, she’s worked her way up, taking on more leadership roles. She’s now the Regional Manager for Wellington, which includes investigating ways the team can add even more value for its clients.

Before: system lacked any new developments

For many years, Oxygen had been using a system called Maintenance Manager which, for the most part, worked well. It was struggling to manage work orders in Palace, and this system solved that problem.

Then, a new app turned up.

“We’re all about ensuring that we keep up with the ever-evolving landscape of property management and we’re always looking in and out of the industry to see what’s happening – and prop-tech has taken off amazingly in the last five years,” Lynley explains.

When we noticed other people starting to use Tapi, and it was making more of an impact and proving its worth, that’s when it caught our attention.

Additionally, Maintenance Manager couldn’t be integrated with Oxygen’s other systems and it “hadn’t made any new changes to its system,” Lynley adds.

Making the switch to Tapi

As a bigger company, Lynley says “we always want to ensure if we’re going to put a new system into the business, it’s the right system and there’s as little disruption for the team as possible.”

Moving to Tapi also involved taking on an additional cost, something that had previously been covered by contractors and landlords.

But Lynley says the decision “didn’t come down to the dollar”.

Ultimately, we wanted to have the best product possible for our team and our clients – and Tapi is a quicker and easier platform.

After: Tapi helps Oxygen excel in competitive industry

Happy, productive team with exceptional client service

As a manager, Lynley says one of the best things about Tapi is watching how it has empowered her team.

A big win for me is that the team finds it an easier-to-use, more intuitive system so they can just get on and get the job done. They love it!

Property management isn’t like real estate where you walk away with something tangible, so “we only have our service,” Lynley explains.

I think that Tapi definitely gives us that extra little step up to excel on our delivery of service.

Better visibility of maintenance tracking

Lynley says Maintenance Manager had its pros, but it was “a bit more complicated to use” and it was often difficult to “see the forest for the trees”.

With Tapi’s Maintenance Tracker, Oxygen’s property managers can, with a few clicks, have access to a complete record of every property and maintenance job they manage.

“From an operations perspective, being able to see where everything is quickly is absolutely key to productivity, and Tapi does exactly that.”

The fact that Tapi also integrates with Palace is another win.

Moving forward with the best in town

Having made the switch to Tapi, Oxygen is reaping the benefits of using a system “that gives us more productivity and more insight.”

Lynley says the Tenant Concierge “is a neat initiative” that helps the business streamline the way its tenants log maintenance jobs and makes life easier for the property managers.

“The Tenant Concierge helps property managers prioritise those emergency maintenance jobs – and gets them off the phone so they can be more productive.”

Oxygen is not one to settle for second best, Lynley says. She’s ecstatic with how smoothly the changeover of platforms has been, and she’s 100% confident the business is supported by the best system.

“We always want to move forward and evolve as a company, and we love that Tapi wants the same thing – it fits nicely with our mantra and what we want to achieve for our business.”

See for yourself how Tapi can help your property management business deliver a world-class experience for tenants and landlords.

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