December 14, 2020

Our AI bot can save your holiday

The last thing on your mind should be a clogged drain.

Picture This...

It's a sunny afternoon, you have a lovely G&T in your hand, maybe you're at the bach or playing backyard cricket… and then your phone rings and you spend 20 minutes walking your tenant through how to find the fuse box.

It’s a known risk for property managers and maintenance team members that after-hours call-outs can ruin restful days, holidays, or dinners with friends- but does it have to?

A Better Way to Manage Standard Maintance Call-Outs

Tapi has set this not so fun part of property management square in its sights with the development of our “Tenant Concierge".

Having successfully helped dozens of companies reduce their call-outs while improving their customers' experiences across Australia and NZ, this feature is now available to all of our Tapi clients. 

So how does it work?

Quite simply, your tenants message either through Facebook messenger or your website, and start a chat with the bot. It could be “I have no hot water” or “My stove isn't working”; whatever the problem might be. The bot then works with the tenants to troubleshoot the problem and see if we can avoid a call out entirely. 

In 7/10 cases this solves the problem or educates the tenant that this is a “Non-Urgent” item and then raises the issue with the PM via email. In the rare cases that this is an urgent call out, we work with your workflows to escalate this. 

If you have not considered it already, now might be the time. Reach out to your Tapi person, or email to get the ball rolling for you prior to Christmas. You will be able to finish that G&T in silence, and happily pour another!


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