It’s a yes to Tapi from ‘Top Property Management Office’ Grenadier Rent Shop

Learn how the team at Grenadier Rent Shop uses Tapi to ensure its clients receive the best customer service in the game.

Off to a strong start

Based in Christchurch, Grenadier Rent Shop was started by property management ace Amy Ziolo, under the Canterbury/Grenadier division of well-known real estate franchise Harcourts. From the beginning, Amy’s goal has been to provide exemplary service – and it’s clear she’s done just that. Since first launching three years ago, the business has won ‘Top Property Management Office’ in New Zealand and has also accumulated five other noteworthy awards in the sector, including second place for Amy in the ‘Top Property Manager – Business Development’ category. 

Grenadier Rent Shop is now running full speed ahead with a growing team of seven talented property managers. As a company, it’s comparatively fresh, but the work ethic and vision for exemplary service have quickly set it apart from competitors. 

Before: fear of missing the small stuff

One of Amy’s strengths is her business foresight. She aims to pinpoint likely problems and take the appropriate actions to stop them from happening. The main problem she predicted was keeping on top of maintenance management. She knew that as her company took on more clients, little things like leaky sinks and loose invoices would inevitably get missed along the way – a big no-go for Amy.

Grenadier Rent Shop deals with hundreds of properties and for each property, there can be a lot of things needing attention simultaneously, becoming a circus act of organisation. 

“We don’t need to be wondering why the plumber hasn’t fixed the sink or if the landlord is happy with the inspection. With legislation changing, there’s a lot of pressure on property managers right now. Our focus really needs to be in the right places.”

Amy had heard about Tapi through the property management grapevine. Initially, she was drawn to Tapi’s Maintenance Tracker, which provided the perfect solution to her inevitable problem. 

After: time to focus on the big stuff

One system, real-time updates

Once they had Tapi on board, the team was impressed by how easy it was to use and how much time and stress it saved. They loved how Tapi made it possible to track everything in one place – landlords, tenants and tradespeople all had consistent, reliable updates in real-time, meaning the property managers could focus their attention on other areas. 

“I find the website very user-friendly and have found it’s an easy way to keep on top of jobs and see where they’re at throughout the process,” says property manager Brittany Lilburne.

Access to historical data has been great for new employees learning the ropes. “As I’m new to Grenadier, being able to view past job information is really helpful, especially for Healthy Homes compliance. I can see if a job has been completed or if repeat issues are happening.” 

Faster response times from landlords and suppliers

The team uses Tapi every day for logging inspection reports. “When we find ourselves needing evidence of maintenance jobs or property issues, it’s all in there – Tapi’s a one-stop-shop,” Brittany says. The company’s landlords, tenants and tradespeople have happily taken Tapi on board to ensure the maintenance tracking experience is better for everyone. 

“Before Tapi, landlords and tradespeople could take weeks to get back to maintenance requests. Now that all the information is there for them and they’re receiving reminders, there’s a timelier response from everyone,” Amy says.

Streamlined communication helps keep clients in the loop

Gone are the days of missed emails, phone tag and middleman messaging. With Tapi, Grenadier Rent Shop can send direct messages to suppliers, tradespeople and tenants from the one system, giving all parties involved better visibility of the maintenance process – something they didn’t have before. 

“After an inspection, we can send a quick message to the landlord saying ‘Hey, this is a problem, what do you want to do?’ The tenant can then see it and know it’s being resolved.”

New recurring feature, next-level professionalism

Amy and her team love Tapi’s new ‘recurring maintenance’ feature because it helps them stay ahead of the game. Grenadier Rent Shop offers an annual maintenance service – think heat pump maintenance and gutter cleaning – that can now be easily tracked and managed. Automated reminders mean the team can set and forget recurring maintenance, then when its time, give their clients plenty of warning that annual maintenance is due.

“There’s nothing worse than owners saying they would like their heat pumps cleaned every year, but then being asked the same question again the next year. So, adding this feature has been exciting.”

See for yourself how Tapi can help your property management business deliver a world-class experience for tenants and landlords.

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