Revolutionising property management.

Innovation has played a huge part in fuelling Tommy's Property Management's success in the industry. By embracing tech in their business, Tommy's is always one step ahead. This forward-thinking approach means they are constantly improving the lives of their landlords, tenants, suppliers, and staff. They can ensure their company values are being demonstrated to a high standard at every touch-point.

In a world of modern technology, there are many ways to communicate with tenants and landlords, yet many property management agencies are still relying on phone calls and emails to arrange and organise maintenance. Tommy’s Property Management, along with the innovation that is Tapi, has revolutionised the way we communicate with tenants, owners, and tradespeople and by doing so we have taken out the Award for Innovation in the 2019 REINZ awards."

— Harrison Vaughan, Director of Tommy's Property Management

Meeting the needs of today's tenants & landlords.

As the market changes, the standards of clients change. Nowadays, tenants and landlords push for an autonomous relationship with their property managers. They want an instant response, clear visibility, and flexibility. To ensure that everyone's needs are met, Tommy's implemented Tapi's 24/7 Tenant Concierge.

The Tenant Concierge now takes care of 94% of Tommy's after-hours workload.

The Tenant Concierge now takes care of 94% of Tommy's after-hours workload. Additionally, the Tenant Concierge can gather relevant information for maintenance issues which reduce the need for unnecessary call-outs for suppliers. Tenants benefit because they have access to instant responses at any time of the day.

The result

Tommy's implemented Tapi in the early stages of their business and was one of the first companies to adopt the Tenant Concierge. While using tech to enhance customer experience, Tommy's transformation has had an overwhelmingly positive impact on efficiency. By having 24/7 maintenance reporting available to tenants, Tommy's has significantly reduced the need for after-hours procedures. As their business continues to grow, Tommy's will be able to scale their business processes to meet demand from tenants effortlessly. Tommy's is nationally recognised for their forward-thinking business models and won the Innovation Award at the 2019 REINZ Awards aided by their adoption of the Tenant Concierge.

With Tapi, maintenance has never been an issue for Tommy's, allowing them to focus on making property management a delightful experience for everyone.

Tommy's tool belt for success.


See how Tapi is helping businesses achieve success through supercharging their maintenance process.

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